Sunday, November 13, 2011

She Makes Me Smile


If there was only one person that I could see
It would be this girl that always smiles at me

She makes me smile every time that I see her
She’s got this glow that I can’t quite decipher

The light this girl has makes her so angelic
Maybe she’s a hologram or maybe it’s magic

But then I see her again and I start to remember
A countenance so bright like a glowing ember

An aurora so magnetic it draws you in
She’s a tractor beam exposing all from within

She makes me smile from ear to ear
It’s as if my face knows when she’s near

She makes me smile even when things go bad
It doesn’t matter if I get sad

I like her, I admit it, so what about it
When I’m not around her I feel caged like a convict

It’s more than beauty it’s something unfamiliar
More than a face and more than a figure

And then I saw it, I figured her out
Once I got to know her I said time out

It’s her, the glow, it’s what she’s about
It’s all of her, it’s true, it’s the inside that counts

The curl of her smile with the light of her eye
Tells me there is something special that I cannot deny

There’s a light inside and it burns bright
It burns so bright it lights up the night

She’s cool, she’s calm, and so very kind
If she ever rented a movie you know she’d rewind

Others come first, that’s the way she is
She’s the happiest person because she always gives

Her happiness is evident, it’s in her appearance
A smile so beautiful is my credence

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