Monday, May 23, 2011

Special Card!

Haha.I grab a letter on the desk.I see my name on it.Ini surat suruh bayar pinjaman ker?I thought a debt collecter send me a warning.Tapi bukak2 jer i saw a small cute bear on a card.Wow! Ada birthday card la(my birthday on 18 May).Mama already gave me a Casio analogue watch.Then,who sent me this card?(thinking and thinking). Sangat classic tapi i like.So I bet it is from her before i read and confirmed that she give me.=p

I dedicated this post to thank a very very much to her for the support and motivate through this card.Sometimes,a simple word can be meaningful and memorable.


  1. alamak.. x faham la(mybe ucapan time kasih kot)..
    you are welcome ^^

  2. yup..paham jgk la an.. ^^

    aishiteru.. (harap2 xpaham) haha